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Location Alphitta

Alphitta is situated at 2222 meters just below the well known 5 star Riffelalp resort at the heart of the Gornergrat skiing/hiking area.

By train: Alphitta is situated only 600 metres from the Riffelalp-Station. After a scenic 15 Minutes with the Gornergrat Bahn (the highest train in Europe) you will arrive at the Riffelalpstation. From there it is an easy 5 minute walk to the Restaurant Alphitta.

By walking: There are several pathways to Alphitta.

From Zermatt:

1 Zermatt-Furi-Riffelalp (Winter and Summer)

2 Zermatt-Winkelmatten-Findelbach-Riffelalp (Summer)

From Gornergrat:

It is at the half way point from Gornergrat to Zermatt; perfect for your midday lunch.

By skiing: The restaurant is on the skipiste on the Gornergrat mountain(Riffelalp). The area is called Riffelalp and it is just below the wonderful 5 start Hotel Riffelalp. The Gornergrat area is served by train or by ski-gondela’s. If you decide to take the gondela you have to take the following route (Zermatt-Furi-Riffelberg). From Riffelberg it is a 5 minute ski to Alphitta.

Live webcam: